uFall - Once you drop, you can't stop!

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Get Your Way Down and Save Fally!

Your mission is to fall down as a fast as you can to avoid the 'falling cracked glass enemy' and reach the goal so you can switch to the next level.
Get the clock to stop the cracked glass enemy for a few seconds or get the missile to fall down faster and without the risk of being damaged by the other small enemies.
Get the items to recharge your energy level after an enemy kick.


  • Falling cracked glass!
  • Different platform types: moving, falling, with glue, with ice, spring…
  • Various enemies disseminated on the various platforms
  • Bonus that will let you fall without damages or that will slow down the falling cracked glass
  • 'Monster ball' bonus - Become a giant monster and destroy everything while falling!
  • Difficulty that increase with each level
  • Facebook and Twitter connection for sharing scores with your friends
  • Game Center support








uFall is available on the iTunes App Store:


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A lite version can be downloaded here:


uFall Lite for Windows (Direct Link)


uFall Lite for Mac OSX 10.6.x (Snow Leopard or later) (Direct Link)


uFall Lite for Mac OSX 10.7.x (Lion) (Direct Link)


Have Fun!

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