Indie revenge - The Tiny Wings succes


Some posts ago we where talking about an indie developer experience. It was all about the 'what and the what not to do' things while doing marketing for the iTunes App Store.


As we learned from history, there's alwasy what we called the 'twist'. We are all searching a good marketing strategy, the right blogger site that will make a review for our title(s), PR here and there, but... Some times the good happens.


So, what we are talking about? Well, nowday there are an indie game title running TOP #1 in the iTunes US App Store. (And many other countries): Tiny Wings from Andreas Illiger:



It was all a pleasure to see this. Following the toucharcade article words: 'For having zero marketing, Tiny Wings has been doing some incredible things in the top paid charts in the US App Store'.


Yes, zero marketing. Something that will make indies think about.


The game itself is pretty simple, adorable and fun and we give to Andreas all our compliments. He dethroned the famous ones silently, with a great game.


There are some space left? Should we rethink the way things are done? Is just a mere case? Who know.


Again, there's alwasy something that make the difference, and still we need to catch it out.


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