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The little story and the vault


It was a long time ago when I wrote a first basic article about our indies developer experience on the App Store.

It is globally accepted that for an indie developer the most hard and crucial part for an iOS (Or other OS) app/game developing adventure is: Exposure. Yes, because generally an indie developer (be it an individual or a little company) rely, most of the time, on little budget and low popularity.

So what to do?

The IDRTG (Indie Developers Re-Tweet Group)

There are many initiatives out of there, but one of the most prominent and new is the one proposed by our good friend @innovatty: The IDRTG

The IDRTG is just an idea, and like every other ideas it may or may not work for you. The concept is the classic one but tailored for us: The more you tweets, the more you'll get retweeted. There's a page full of help here: IDRTG Help Page.

I was one of the first joining this twitter list and I'm pretty glad to see it growing so fast day by day. This mean only one thing: Indie developers can help each others by sharing they'r announcements and get more visibility.


Still here? Don't loose your time reading this poor blog, head on here and join the IDRTG now!


Hard days are coming, but nothing is lost. As usual.

Kudos to everyone, and feel free to leave your comment.

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