The New (i)Pad Review (Exclusive)


Rumors here and there. Many users are waiting the new device that will change again they'r life every day. This is a just a quick review with some real photos of what will be the next magic pad around:


Screenshot of the new pad, notice the new 'home' buttons.



We had the luck to give it a try and was able to capture a photo and send it via mail by using the optional add-on as you can see in the picture below:


The optional camera


Using the fast email service we where able to see the photo delivered in 7 days (Our friend called us with he's telephone to inform of such a big event).


The mail box used to receive our test photo


Joking of course. But sometimes we need to keep down to past reality to appreciate nowdays goodness. Can you believe?


Feel free to post your thoughts on this.

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