DynAtomic - Dynamic System

DynAtomic is a multibody dynamic simulation plugin for Realsoft3D.


With DynAtomic you can create highly realistic simulations of soft objects, semi-rigid objects , clothes and garments.


In DynAtomic all objects can interact togheter like colliding with each others, be affected by gravity, wind and other external forces, attached to other objects with constraints and so on. Also you can mix keyframed animation and dynamic to achieve special kind of interactions or fine tune a sofisticated simulation.

Creating realistic real-world interactions is a difficult thing, but with DynAtomic you'll find it a very simple task.


See it in action!






You can see more videos here.



  • Seamless integrated in Realsoft3D.
  • Softbody, clothes and garments, semi rigid body.
  • Glue, attach any objects togheter with a simple constraint.
  • Realtime editing to quick test the wanted simulation bevahior.
  • Any Realsoft3D object can act as a collider.
  • All the force you need: Gravity, Drag, Wind, Newton, Magnet.
  • Every dynamic attributes can be painted interactively using a simple and fast 3D paint. (Mass, stiffness, friction etc...).
  • Presets library everywhere. All objects attributes can be stored in a library and reused later. Pointwise attributes too!
  • High end ODE solvers: Backward Euler, Forward Euler of 1, 2, 3 and 4 order, Velocity Verlet.
  • Point/Triangle and Edge/Edge collision.
  • Caching system: Simulate and playback complex scene in realtime or truncate unwanted segments. DynAtomic will restart the simulation from the point you break.
  • And many more!


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